Two Simple Sources of High Protein for Cancer Patients

Maintaining a diet full of high protein and foods with amble calories is an important part of any cancer treatment. While many patients have successful results from chemo or radiation, these treatments can still take quite a toll on the body. Muscles can become depleted and nutrients can be lost through vomiting and diarrhea. Therefore, it is important for cancer patients to be aware of sources for protein and healthy calories.

High Protein for Cancer Patients

One of the easiest ways to take in protein and calories during cancer treatments is through supplements and shakes. Today’s market is full of nutritional powders that will fill the body with essential vitamins, minerals, and calories. By adding cold water and mixing the solution together, cancer patients can enjoy a tasty and healthy supplement. Supplement companies also offer nutritional shakes that are ready to drink right out of the fridge. These supply the body with high protein and calories as well.

High Protein

But all the protein requirements cannot be met by just any protein source. As there are different protein sources for different requirement, you should always go to the supplement which serves multiple purpose.

Proteins mostly come in two types. They are whey protein and calcium caseinate. Its better to go for a supplement that is a blend of the two as the body could crave for either one at different times.

Whey protein is a fast-acting one that helps in immediate muscle enhancement. Whereas Casein is a slow-acting protein that leads to prolonged tissue support. Products like ProSource and XtraCal Plus protein powder or RenaMent super shake are known to meet the various protein demands of the body. But one should not neglect the natural sources too.

High calorie foods

High calorie foods for Cancer Patients

High calorie foods are important for patients undergoing treatments due to the energy their bodies need to function and complete daily tasks. Some examples of these heavily caloric foods include peanut butter, pudding, crackers with cheese, chocolate milk, nuts, beans, and chocolate milk. These foods are great for snacking in between meals, as they require no cooking or preparation. Other foods that patients may find appetizing are ice cream, dried fruit, canned fruit, and fruit smoothies with protein powder.

While cancer treatments can be damaging to the body, patients can help their bodies heal and feel energized by eating high protein and calorie-laden foods.