PS4 games streaming to PC soon as possible


Sony wants to make it possible to stream PS4 games to PC and OSX. Through a tweet has Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony Worldwide Studios, which announced. Microsoft previously made something similar available for Windows 10 systems.

It is the PlayStation 4 already longer possible by mobile gaming on the PlayStation Vita handheld and Sony Xperia smartphones and tablets. Recently launched the PlayStation TV, a device which can also stream from the PS4. This service is called Remote Play. According to the tweet Sony also wants to launch this service for Windows and OS X. If this should happen, however, is not yet clear.

Recently, a developer Remote Play already ported to the PC. It is, however, an alpha version of an unofficial application, all users react positively so far. Developer Twisted is asking $ 10 for the software. It is not known whether Sony’s official port also will cost money.Generate money using find words and collection of words.

Possibly smaller Xbox One coming up as a competitor to Apple TV

Although the Xbox One mainly is known games console, the device has many more features that make it not right there is. Microsoft reportedly plans to release an additional version of the Xbox One in 2016 with just those other features are key.

It would be a smaller, lighter model, also, to cut a much lower price point. Games for the ‘standard’ version can be nearly impossible to play on, but games from the Windows Store just have to be compatible. Microsoft this seems primary to seek competition with the Apple TV.

The source claims that the Redmond Company that plans had already in 2013, but the idea had since been put on hold. Furthermore, it is of course not certain yet whether Microsoft is now going to market the smaller Xbox One. Rather than the second half of 2016 we probably do not need to be expected the device.