How to Stop a Dog from Digging

Wo-Wo! That’s Chinese for Woof! Woof! It’s Bella the Brat and I’m just trying to show off a little. I’ve been learning a TON lately. Another thing I’ve learned since arriving at my forever home is that my parents do NOT like my brother, Toby, and I, to DIG! Even outside! I guess this is something humans just don’t like us to do. You know how I know this? Because my older bother, errr, brother, Toby the Terror, is a born digger. He just loves it. And I understand. It is a natural behavior for us dogs. Keep reading if you’d like to learn my advice on how to stop a dog from digging.

How to Stop a Dog from Digging

How to Stop a Dog from Digging:

  1. Don’t try to stop the behavior entirely.  Like I said above, digging is a natural behavior for dogs, so attempting to stop it all together just isn’t going to work. The best way is to redirect the behavior.
  2. Supervise your dog when he/she is outside.  This just makes sense, right? Watch us while we’re out and you can correct us if we start to dig in an area we should not.
  3. Protect your garden or other area with a fence or border.  A nice, decorative fence could be enough for us to get the hint that you don’t want us to dig in that space. This is an easy solution on how to stop a dog from digging.
  4. Raised garden beds can help protect your plants.  We are usually smart enough to realize that a raised area is different from the rest of the yard, and most likely avoid the raised section.
  5. Teach your dog that you do not like the behavior.  Whenever you see your dog digging, say “No” in a firm voice. If that doesn’t work on it’s own, then lead your dog away from the area after saying “No”. This is an important tip on how to stop a dog from digging.
  6. Startle your dog.  A loud noise or spritz of water are sometimes all it takes for us to get the idea. It will catch our attention and make us stop.
  7. Redirect the behavior.  Tip #7 on how to stop a dog from digging is to give your dog a designated area where digging IS allowed. That way, we all win! Your dog can get his digging instinct satisfied, and your garden or lawn stays intact.
  8. Bury toys in the designated area. Oh, I REALLY like this idea! It sounds like a lot of fun!
  9. Correct your dog’s digging behavior.  When you see him/her digging outside the designated area, say “No” in a firm tone, then lead him to his special digging zone.
  10. Reward for good behavior.  When your pup goes to the special spot to dig or play, let him know he’s doing a great thing by giving him a special treats. We LOVE treats!
  11. Be consistent. OK, you’ve probably read this before. The best way to train your dog on how to stop a dog from digging is to stay consistent. Correct bad behavior and reward good behavior. Easy-peasy!

Bella’s Bottom Line: When thinking about how to stop a dog from digging, just remember, digging is just part of being a dog. We most likely will never completely stop digging. But if you reward us for digging in a special dig-zone, and correct us when we are in a no-dig zone, we will catch on pretty quickly and we’ll all be happy!