What Happens When an Injured Worker Dies?

Compensation attorney. Let’s talk a little bit about death benefits. If an injured worker

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dies due to performing work within the New york  for an employer, his family is due death benefits. Now, what are those? Death benefits include funeral expenses, and in some instances, workers’ compensation has to pay the income benefits the deceased would have received to his or her family members.

Let us help you receive the income benefits that you deserve for your loved one that has passed away. That is what we do. Why do you need an attorney? It’s because the insurance company knows that if you don’t have an attorney, they could take full advantage of you, and they won’t give you the benefits that you deserve: income benefits, medical benefits.

Those are just the beginning of the things that they owe you. But you won’t know if you simply look it up on Google. Give us a call today so we could try to figure out what is best for you, and hope fully I can be the attorney that helps you get what you need.  NYC personal injury lawyers, the lawyer for the everyday worker.