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Cooking The Perfect Medium Rare Burger

How to Cook a MediumRare Burger from Ah, the classic burger. It’s a staple of barbecues, diners, and summer gatherings, and...

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How to Cook a MediumRare Burger from

Ah, the classic burger. It’s a staple of barbecues, diners, and summer gatherings, and is a favorite of millions around the world. But how do you make the perfect medium rare burger? Well, it’s not as hard as it may seem- just follow these steps and you’ll have a juicy, delicious burger in no time.


Making a great burger starts with the ingredients. You’ll need ground beef (preferably chuck or round, and preferably grass-fed), salt, pepper, and your favorite burger condiments.

Making the Patties

Once you have your ingredients, it’s time to start making the patties. Take your ground beef and form it into four even patties. Make sure to press the beef firmly together, as this will help to keep the burger together when cooking. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add some herbs and spices to the patties for extra flavor.

Cooking the Burgers

When it comes to cooking the burgers, there’s one key thing to remember: don’t press down on the patties with the spatula. This will release all the flavorful juices, and you’ll end up with a dry, flavorless burger. Instead, just leave the patties alone and let them cook without disturbing them.

When the burgers are nearly cooked through (after about three minutes on each side), it’s time to add the cheese, if desired. Let the cheese melt for a few seconds before flipping the burgers over one more time.

Achieving the Perfect Medium Rare

Now for the tricky part: achieving the perfect medium rare. To do this, you’ll need to pay close attention to the internal temperature of the burgers. For medium rare, the internal temperature should be about 135-140°F.

To check the temperature, you’ll need a digital thermometer. Insert the thermometer into the side of the burger and wait for the temperature to read between 135°F and 140°F. Once the temperature is reached, it’s time to take the burgers off the heat.

Serving the Burgers

Now comes the fun part: serving the burgers. You can serve the burgers on buns, lettuce wraps, or just by themselves. Top them with the condiments of your choice and enjoy!


Cooking the perfect medium rare burger isn’t as hard as you may think. All it takes is a few simple steps and some patience. So next time you’re in the mood for a juicy, flavorful burger, don’t be afraid to give medium rare a try. Just remember: don’t press down on the patties and always check the internal temperature before taking them off the heat.

As Snoop Dogg said, “It’s time to fire up the barbie and get the burgers on the go.” So what are you waiting for? Get cooking!

Table 1: Recommended Internal Temperatures for Burgers

Doneness Internal Temperature (F)
Rare 120-125
Medium Rare 135-140
Medium 145-150
Medium Well 155-160
Well Done 165+

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